Data and Information
Building Reference

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Mobile Strike
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Mods List
Mod Set Bonus Recipe

Prototype Set Bonus Recipe
Core List
Gear Crafting Reference

Presorted Gear Reference (Legendary Only)
Infantry Gears
Tactical Gears
Armored Vehicle Gears
Construction Gears
Research Gears

Commander Skill
Commander Rebel Target Skill

Special Event Notes
Midsummer Mayhem

Beginner’s Walkthrough
When you first start the game, you may be confused about where to go and what to do. Below we provide some of the most common guides that you may experience as a beginner.

1. How to Change Name
2. How to Teleport
3. Challenge Winning Guide
4. VIP
5. Resource Building Setup
6. Beginner Base Layout Guide
7. Gathering Resource

Intermediate Strategy
1. Building Construction Speed and Unlock
2. Troops Training and Unlock
3. Research Timer Reduction
4. Trap Defense and Unlock
5. Hide and Protect Your Troops from Death
6. Negative or Zero Food with Upkeep
7. More Confirmed Kills and Higher KDR
8. Full Auto Mode, Ultimate Mode and Shooting Range
9. Coin Production

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Advanced Strategy
2. Making Gift Mode Work
3. Troop Composition
4. Kill Event Tips

Knowing Your Commander
1. Commander Skill
2. Commander Rebel Target Skill
3. Commander Boosts, Capture, and Execution
4. Gear Crafting Reference
5. Mod Install Strategy Guide
6. Prototype Gear Basic Information

Specializing Your Troops
1. Infantry Power Boost Guide
2. Tactical Power Boost Guide
3. Armored Vehicle Power Boost Guide
4. Artillery Power Boost Guide

Resource and Material Farming
1. Get Free Gold
2. Material Farming Guide
3. Resource and Rebel Spawn Tile Map
4. Rebel Targets Guide
5. Black Market

Data and Information
Building Reference
List of Mods

Alliance Related Information
Loyalty and Fund

Gold Store Calculation
Speed Up to Gold Per Hour Ratio


Welcome — 47 Comments

  1. I’m trying to unlock the fourth mod slot, and I can’t get it unlocked. In the manufacturing tree I have have the four attaching mod sloth researched. Along with Core MASTERY level 6, I also did Prototype gear slots open for boots and still no fourth slot. WHAT else do i need??? Please Help!

  2. I know this may sound like a silly question but me and some of the guys in my alliance are wanting to start our own alliance. After I quit the alliance what do I need to do in order to start my own?

  3. I’m got a new phone and it started me out with a new game. It moved my new base with my old base is because I’m don’t know how to combine my accounts.
    Can you help me with this problem.

    • When you started playing, you should have set up an EW account. You need to log on with your epicwars credentials to loaf your in progress game.

      Search your email for epicwar, to find the activation email, if you saved it. Otherwise, go to > More, > EW and log in. If you forgot your password, click that link.

  4. Anybody know how to get, or construct a cyanide pill to kill your commander. Can’t seem to find any information on it?

    • Contact ew they will send email to R5 – if no response they will make one of the R4s an R5. They randomly pic so it may not be the person that sent the email. That happened in my alliance. My R5 was MIA for 2 months.

  5. When I get someone co an try to speed it up to eliminate the it say action failed please try again what should I do an why is this happening

  6. What happened to my daily gold I just updated at the start of September and was getting 1000 gold now that’s all gone what did u do ,and why did u take away my daily gold from me ,I put a lot of my hard money into this game I think u should give it back to me

    P.S.I am very piss right now

  7. I have been kicked off the sight now for about 36 hrs. Still get notifications but can’t access the app. What kind of BS is this. I have watched my base get attacked numerous times, leader executed, supplies stolen. For a game that you can put a little money in, this is totally unexceptable!!!! Can anyone help?

  8. Greetings Mobile Strike Development Team, I have been playing Every Day for over 6 Month. I have only seen the BLACK MARKET STORE open Once since I started playing. My State is ESCO #245. i have Asked Other ACTIVE Players if they have seen it and they replied they haven’t seen it in MONTHS! Can you look into this Issue? Also we still have No Use for the WAR BONDS.. Any Idea when we will be able to actually use them?

    Thank You for your quick response,

    • At the time I wondered the same thing but soon after it opened as a tile on the map then another long break then EW put on base with a purchase required to unlock it! One of the few changes/additions EW has made that I like! After all it is all about the money Jerry aka EW

  9. Mobile strike will not connect. It goes half way and stops. Peace shield runs out soon, need help. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times and that didnt fix.

  10. After Update, app not start. I install older Version and i must update before i can log in!!! Fix this or i do any bad things to you. Sry, but for xxxx money i have no reason to be nice to epic war!!! If i loose 1 troop….. i will hurt you MS!!!
    Excuse me for the hard words but i do all if you dont fix (help)me with this issue!!!

  11. All, I wonder if it’s possible to combine 4 of a kind items that are in the Inventory? I have four body armor and are all level 3, not sure how to combine them into Level 4. The only option i see is break or add mode. These items do not show up in the Core or any tabs under Combine. Any helps is appreciated.

  12. Been trying to get into ms since last night, still cannot this morning. I’ve restarted my device several times but app will not log in.

  13. How do I retrieve gear that was opened before I had enough space in my inventory?
    I have opened more slots Jordan more gear but the gear has still not appeared

  14. Why does the game have so many glitches wasted 3 piece shields,and could not attack,and could not retreat it is bad ,and my shield went down 3 time while being attacked

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