Are you new to the game of Mobile Strike and have been asked to “teleport” to a hive by your alliance members? This basic beginner’s guide will help you understand how beginner’s teleport and other teleport works in the game. And how you can access the interface to be able to move your base.

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Different Types of Teleport
There are three types of teleports. Only the beginner’s teleport is able to move your base to other “States” or server world. However, you must do it before your Headqarter reaches level 6. This is the reason why your alliance members will always ask you to use your beginner teleport before advancing too far into the game.

Beginner’s Teleport: Transports your active Base to any location in the world. (Must use at level 5 Headquarters or lower and must be used on the world map).
Random Teleport: Transports your active Base to a random location within your state.
Advanced Teleport: Transports your active Base to a chosen location within your state. (Must use on the world map.)

You can purchase teleport items via Gold Store, Selected Crates, and Alliance Store with Funds.

Teleporting to a Specific Location
Beginner’s Teleport and Advanced Teleport must be used on the world map because you can pin point the location where you want to move. Beginner’s teleport allows you to teleport to another state if your HQ is level 5 or lower. This means that you want to start a new game and play with your friends, beginner’s teleport if your best tool to do so.

To teleport to a specific location on the world map. You will first go to world map and select the magnifying glass search screen.
Mobile Strike World Map Teleport

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Type in the coordinates of the tile that you want to teleport to. For beginner’s teleport, you can also select a different “state”.
Mobile Strike Teleport Coordinates

Next, tap on any of the empty tile and select the teleport screen. Tap on the teleport and you will receive a final confirmation. Tap teleport again and your base will move instantly!
Mobile Strike Tile TeleportMobile Strike Teleport Out of State

How to Use Random Teleport
Random teleport has to be used from your items menu via Item -> My Items -> Special Tab.

Mobile Strike Random Teleport


Beginner Teleport Guide — 57 Comments

  1. Im a higher level than 5 and I switched alliances and would like to teleport to another state with the rest of my new alliance why can’t I do that?

    • can someone help me out here I am on the world’s map but I cannot find my alliance can you tell me how to do so I would like to join them but I can’t find them in the state I’m in and I don’t even know if there in that state

      • If u cant find them in the cords they tell u then there probably in a diffrent state,each state is labeld with a number ask then for the state number then put in the cords

      • You have to ask for their coordinates. Then as you look through the state map you can search by the coordinates or simply scan through the state until the x y coordinates line up.

    • Because if that was possible then people with much higher HQ’s and power could come and smash you to a pulp whenever they felt like it.

  2. Yeah in in the exact same boat. I started my own alliance, but out of 100 members, I take up 45-50% of alliance power. I got an invite to join a more powerful alliance (which I consider a promotion/upgrade) but because I’m level 11, I can’t join the rest of the new alliance. It doesn’t make sense to me, its almost a punishment for being a skilled strategist. I guess I’m going to have to stay with my original alliance.

    • The states are only protected from high powered players unless they telport when they are low powered and then they buy loads of packs to grow quicker and soon i will be teleporting my new acccount Warhammer71 to Kald next to my base at the moment and then i will be getting my mates in my state: KALD who already in about 3 days of when the state opened they already have at least 30million power but i also have a 122mil power account in Aegs and is in the alliance:: DSB^ the alliance is called: Death Squad Brothers

  3. I am done. Deleting this app since I cannot change states I cannot group with the alliance of my choosing.

    When you lift this restriction let me know.

  4. Right, we all feel the same. Too much game control. When joining we dont understand that we are not joined into the state with our invite. By the time u play n learn about states u are sadly passed level 6. Thats dumb the system wont simply tell new comers this. I didn’t know what the teleports were. Takes time to learn all that new crap.

    • I agree, am just now lvl 6, would be glad to be demoted in order to change states and be with my friends. It’s too early in game for that decision. As previous writer just said, at lvl 6 most of us are just learning. Please contact me about any possible deal we can make or I’m out!!

  5. I have good experience on these games!!!

    To teleport base must be under level 5
    6 but i say to my members “Are you in my state” and sometimes they might be below level 5 headquaters with about 400k power and they always keep a spare teleport for some reason!!! And they teleport to my state and i think it is good to follow all the intructions on how to build to level 4 head quaters and dont go any higher then that until you have at 100k of tier 2 troops which you must have upgraded your research facility to level 8 before you do that!!!!

  6. If you guys need any more help please join my alliance my name is XXGYUXX and i will help you grow and i have been in this new state for at least 7 days and soon we will take over the control point my alliance power has about 6mil power and about 27 members!!!

    I wont be on for at least 2 weeks and 3 days!!! because i have buissiness working away!!! but be sure to pm my rank 4: Freehome and say that XXGYUXX told you to join< and he will help you but some of my members might leave but they will join me when i get back in about 2 weeks and 3 days and i will start buying more packs and helping everyone in my alliance to grow, my state cords are:: 208:397:97 that is where some of my members have made a hive: Join my alliance:: AR16

  7. And also my alliance: AR16

    If you teleport to my state cords at 208:397:97 you will see someone hopefully in blue or click on the state KALD and you see the control point can you plz scroll up to the end of the grass/forest then you see some desert like background and then scroll left until you reach the end of the forest so its at one of the corners and scroll up a little bit and you will see my base at level 10 and my name is XXGYUXX and my tags are AR16

  8. So the game still cannot send people to another
    Why don’t they set a line ..before ya commander reach lvl 30 and ya base isn’t lvl 11 yet.
    Think that would be a fair lvl to change a state.
    Then most peeps get a hang on the game .
    And understand it.
    So they can join other “active” alliance.
    Mine was not an active one.and now i and my brother are seperated from each other in differend states.

    How about that?

  9. Today I found a superior teleport, and it said that with it you can move to another state.
    I was surprised but went I tried to buy it , it was gone… 🙁
    Well at least I know that there is a teleport with the chance to take me with my alliance.
    I hope they can offer this many times… 🙂

  10. I have a level 5 base and i want to move it to a different state, my problem is that i accidentally used my beginner teleport. Is there any way I can still move my base to another state????

  11. My friend just joined my alliance and he is in ceus (35) and I am in wear (112) and he is already level ten so know we can’t group up because of the rule that once you become level six you can’t teleport between stars anymore so know we can’t send each other resources! Pls send me an e-mail so you can give my friend one of those teleportation pls.

  12. Why don’t they just do it like this: The alliance leader is in a state. Why can’t you just let the people in the alliance be able to teleport to the state of the leader ONLY! that would be way more eazy to switch states if your level 5 or above. And by the way, not even a noob knows what a ‘Advanced Teleport’is when they are level 5. they are still learning and i learned it at level 11! Please find a solution!

  13. I have the same problem like ShadowBrawl. i’m lvl 11 now and still learning. And now i find an alliance i wanna be a part of. then I find out i cannot teleport too them. i have pay 5 € last day for get some gold to buy a teleport too come near my team. and now its helpless.. plss do something. i think ShadowBrawl have a good ide. plssss change it. or i’m out

  14. If you waite till svs and the state lets you teleport teleport to the state then join the alliance in that state that will conect you with that state and when the border closes you are stuck there .thats how you swap states above level 5

  15. MS neglected to mention this:
    If you buy a pack while in the beginner state and want to move to a new state, you lose your resources. You will lose up to 500,000 for each resource.

    I assume that includes all of what you haven’t used, not what you make available to use by clicking on the Use button.

    Buyer Beware!!

    • Did you get this resolved? I am only level 5 and I used my 2 beginner tele’s thinking I can move to another using an advanced tele. Now I can’t. I requested another beginner tele from M.S. and waiting for a response.

  16. Hello!

    I’m trying to use the Beginners teleport, my HQ is at level 5.
    But as soon as I’m entering the coordinates, which I know are valid, it says
    “You must enter valid coordinates to search”.
    Also, I don’t have a map icon in the top row, where I get the State map view.

    Tried googling, but all I find is this guide.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

  17. Every time I try to type in coordinates for my friends state to teleport it tells me,the coordinates are invalid. No matter what state I type they say invalid and I’m only,lvl,5.

  18. I can’t get into the easy builder state. There is no state coordinates only prompt, just the usual state X and Y. I also don’t have a world map displayed on top of my screen. I have an easy builder teleport but when I click on magnifying glass I’m prompted to input all three coordinates not just state 593. I am above level 6 and have teleported to another state before achieving level 6 if that is part of the problem

  19. I’m lost. This says you can teleport before you reach level 6. I couldn’t teleport then, can’t teleport now that I’m higher either? What the heck is the point of a beginning teleport if I couldn’t teleport at all? I had coordinates, had an empty place next to the person who invited me. We thought the alliance had to approve me to get it so I could move and STILL, nothing. I waited to advance my stats for that reason. Never could move.

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