Do you wonder about how to add points into your commander Rebel Target Skill Tree in Mobile Strike? Learn about how many points grant you different stats boost. Use this as a reference to help you decide on how to Spec your commander skill tree. Check each of the commander skills to get a break down of the commander skills and stats boost per points.

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Your commander gains 1 Rebel Target skill point at every level up. Consider checking out our Rebel Target Walkthrough to help you get an idea on how to spec your commander rebel target skill.

Commander Rebel Target Skill Tree

Rebel Target Intel
10 Points Max at 30%

5 Points Unlock
Energy Cost Reduction
Energy Recovery

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Energy Cost Reduction
15 Points Max at 12.25%

10 Points Unlock Commander Attack

10 Points +Energy Recovery
Unlock Maximum Energy Limit

Energy Recovery
15 Points Max at 20%

10 Points Unlock Commander Attack Streak

10 Points +Energy Cost Reduction
Unlock Maximum Energy Limit

Commander Attack
15 Points Max at 62.5%

Maximum Energy Limit
30 Points Max at 9050

Commander Attack Streak
15 Points Max at +15


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  1. What is the best way to gain commander skill points if I am already at max experience and have max in building leveling?

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