Do you play in the Mobile Strike shooting range for the free loots and wonder about what the Full Auto Mode is about? Do you want to do better in Challenges that relate to the shooting range? This shooting range and full auto mode guide will hopefully shed some light with your game planning.

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The original shooting range guide has been updated to include Ultimate Mode released in August 2016. It should be noted that at current time of writing, shooting challenges have been close to none. So if you are thinking about saving your ammos for these non-existent shooting gallery challenges, you may have to wait for a long time.

In conclusion, if you plan on spending money at all in Mobile Strike, unlocking Full Auto mode early on in the game is the best places to spend your real money at, especially if you plan on playing the game for the long haul.

Shooting Range Basic(Normal Mode)
Every day you will get a free attack where you can deal damage to 1 target inside the shooting range. These free attacks do not stack so you have to login to deal your attack daily. Each attack takes out 10% of the target’s health and reward you with some items with each attack. The items obtained include Gold, Speedup, and resource items.

When the target health drops to 0, you can pick 1 loot out of three crates in a draw.

If you choose to attack the target with ammos obtained from item. Each basic normal attack costs 5000 ammos.

Ammo Purchase and Cost Ratio
Ammo refill items can be obtained through various ways including purchasing with gold, alliance gifts, or obtained from the supply crate. If you do purchase ammo items with gold, the higher the denomination of ammo, the better value of energy per gold ratio that you can get. The ammo cost break down is as followed:

7,000 Ammo for 200 Gold
35 Ammo per Gold to deal 1.4 Shots

30,000 Ammo for 750 Gold
40 Ammo per Gold to deal 6 Shots

90,000 Ammo for 1,800 Gold
50 Ammo per Gold to deal 18 Shots

250,000 Ammo for 4,000 Gold
62.5 Ammo per Gold to deal 50 Shots

600,000 Ammo for 9,500 Gold
63.2 Ammo per Gold to deal 120 Shots

So that means if you are going for challenge rewards in terms of shooting range, and you are a spender. Your best bet is to spend gold to get the highest ammo package possible.

Full Auto Mode
Full auto mode can be unlocked whenever you purchase an item package that “unlocks” full auto mode. They are typically associated with specially marked “ammo” sales. Full Auto Mode is a high roller mode where you spend 50k Ammo per hit. In return you can roughly 11 times the loot of the single basic attack. This means that you get roughly 10% additional loots.

When you destroy the target with the Full Auto Mode, instead of the basic 3 crates from the normal shooting range. You now have a little minesweeper like mini game. You continuously open more supply crates until you hit a bomb. You will typically end up 3~7 supply overall supply crates before you lose the game.

It should be noted that Regular and Full Auto mode’s targets are separate. It means that your damage progress “resets” every time you switch mode. However, you generally want to switch to full auto mode because they are more effective. Unless you only have 1~2 shots left to finish off the regular target.

Ultimate Shooting Mode
Ultimate mode is 1 step higher than the Full Auto Mode. It means that you will need to have unlocked Full Auto Mode before you can unlock Ultimate. Ultimate mode is unlocked through buying packs that specifically offer them.

Ultimate is a premium high roller mode where you spend 500k ammo per hit. However, the rewards that you can get is significantly better than the full auto mode. You are able to obtain millions of resources as well as 3, 7, or 30 day speedups. In addition, you also get Core and Attachment gears in Ultimate mode usually as legendary or elite drops.

Like full auto mode, you enter a minesweeper mini game in Ultimate Mode, but with 50 crates total and much better rewards.

If you have saved up any of your ammos items during earlier parts of the game. Always save them and use them on the Ultimate mode instead of any lower tier shooting ranges.

Special Notes about Spending Money to Unlock Full Auto / Ultimate Mode:
Mobile Strike offers various packages or promotions typically starting at $5 a pop, and goes up after that initial purchase.

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If you do plan to spend money in the game, always go for the Full Auto mode packages with the first promotional pack that you buy. The reason is that the promotional packages start at $5 -> $20 -> $100. It means that once you spend $5 on the other packs without Full Auto, your next promotion pack would require you to spend $20 to unlock Full Auto mode (Most of the time).

Lastly, if you do not spend any money for a given period of time and have reached a certain level, the game sometimes offer you Full Auto mode activation packages at prices below $5. When that happens you may consider to get sucked in to cough up the money for it.

Next, try to look for packs that offer Ultimate Mode with dollar amount enough to unlock or upgrade other premium buildings like the Vault or Monument. This practice can help you save some money in the long run if your gaming fund is limited, so you avoid buying multiple packs for different upgrades.

Shooting Range Challenge Strategy
Sometimes challenges will require you to score points at shooting range. First and foremost, do not attempt to win these challenges unless you have unlocked Full Auto mode. The amount of gold invested into ammos with a regular shooting range will almost never equal your winning. Use the following guidelines and strategic tips to help you complete shooting range challenges.

1. Save your Damaged targets for Challenge
Since you get most of the challenge points when you destroy a target, it can be helpful to time your challenge attempts along with damaged targets. By going for shooting range challenges when you have 1~3 shots left on a target, is a great way to save on ammo.

2. Save your Ammos
Never ever use your ammos earned through loots or other rewards on a normal day. Save those ammos during challenges is a great way to turn those ammos into Gold by winning the challenge.

3. Pick a Shooting Range Challenge with Good Gold Rewards
The rewards that you earn from shooting range can differ greatly based on the challenge event. You should pick challenges that will at least give you back half the gold spent on ammo.

4. Make sure You have Enough Gold or Ammo for full Completion
Finally, always do some calculation with your existing resources, make sure you have enough Gold or ammo saved up to finish the challenge in full. You never want to come short and fail the last tier, that would be a ton of gold wasted.

Full Auto Cost per Shot Consideration
To help you understand how to calculate potential cost to shots. The example shown here is based on a current base. Depending on your tier, your calculation may differ but the strategy is the same.

If you purchase the ammo straight with gold at the highest denomination, your cost is
791 Gold per Shot

Always make sure that you can complete the challenges to the last tier because that is where the most gold is earned. If you stop midway you will lose on all that investment.

Basic Challenge
(5k pts per shot, 40k for last tier = 8 Shots)
Earn 80+80+800 = 960

960/8 = 120 Gold Earned per Target.

SvS Challenge
(5000 pts per shot, 360,000 for last tier = 72 Shots)
Earn 160+160+10000 = 10320 Gold

10320/72 = 143 Gold Earned per Target.

Extreme Challenge
(50 pts per shot, 4.5k points = 90 shots for last tier)
Earn 160+160+20000 = 20320

20320/90 = 225 Gold Earn per Target.

Now add up all the earned gold from all the challenges
120+143+225 = 488 Gold

Calculate your cost per target
791-488 = 303 Gold per shot.

Alliance Funds to Ammo / Gold Equivalent
Next, we will calculate the amount of gold equivalent in terms of funds if you convert your alliance funds into ammo. The higher denomination of 30k ammo is a slightly better deal.

Fund store sells at the ammos in two denominations and convert them to Gold equivalent:

7,000 Ammo per 50,000 Funds
7000 Ammo Would Cost 110.8 Gold
= 451.26 Fund / Gold

30,000 Ammo per 200,000 Funds
30000 Ammo Would Cost 474.68 Gold
= 421.3 Fund / Gold

It should be noted that lower number of Fund/Gold is better since it is a better ratio.


Full Auto, Ultimate Mode and Shooting Range — 6 Comments

    • I haven’t seen a range challenge in forever, is it still a thing? Because I’ve been saving my ammo for months I got at least 60mil

    • Look in your items/resources/my items before and after entering range. You should have reserve gold in the denominations you won. There should be the equivalent number you won seen as an increase in your holdings.

      For Rabold, if you win 2000 bars, there should be a counter labeled 2000 bars. It should be one higher than what you had before you entered the range.

      They go on to your items, not you current cash balance

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