If you are new to the game, you may have questions regarding loyalty and funds that you would get from. Loyalty and funds are alliance related currencies where you can purchase special items.

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Loyalty and funds are a type of currency used to buy things from the Alliance Store.

Loyalty and Funds are earned in the following ways:
1. Alliance and VIP Missions
These missions grant you with loyalty and funds, however VIP missions tend to reward you with much higher amount of Loyalty and funds.

2. Help Other Alliance Missions with Speed Up requests.
Each speed up task that you have helped will reward you with 100 loyalty and 100 funds, with up to 10,000 maximum for the day.

3. Correct for Reward
You help with the game’s translation engine in return for some rewards. You can access the option under “More”.

4. Opening Alliance Gifts
Alliance gifts received will sometimes randomly reward you with loyalty and funds.

Using Funds
Only the Alliance rank 4 or alliance leader is able to use funds in Mobile Strike. They “order” items from the list of alliance items catalogue. And the purchase has been completed, the alliance members can then purchase the items from Alliance store with their loyalty points.

Funds are tied to the alliance that you belong in. This means that you do not bring funds with you when you switch alliances. They stay with the original alliance where the funds have been earned. In addition, they are lost when the alliance gets disbanded.

Using Loyal Points
Once the item has been ordered from the catalogue, you can purchase them with your loyal points.

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Loyalty points stay with your account and will carry over when you switch alliance.

Items from the Alliance Store
8 Hour Peace Shield: 200k
12 Hour Attack Boost: 20k
12 Hour Defense Boost: 20k
25% Deployment Size Increase: 200k
Fake Forces: 15k
Deployment Recall: 5k
15 Minute Rebel Targets Attack Boost: 150k

Speed Up:
1 Minute Speed Up: 5k
15 Minute Speed Up: 20k
60 Minute Speed Up: 50k
3 Hour Speed Up: 150k

7 Day Food Boost: 42k
7 Day Stone Boost: 42k
7 Day Oil Boost: 42k
7 Day Iron Boost: 42k
7 Day Coin Boost: 80k
Building Move: 100k
25 Deployment Banners: 5k
100 VIP Points: 37500
50k Commander XP: 100k
Commander Skill Reset: 150k
Daily Chance: 50k
Alliance Chance: 100k
Random Teleport: 100k
Advanced Teleport: 400k
Change Player Name: 5k
Base Rename: 5k
Change Personnel File Image: 10k
Commander Select: 5k
Rename Alliance: 5k
24 Hour Gather Boost: 50k
7 Day Gather Boost: 300k
Simple Mod Saver: 60k
Medical Kit: 500k
Rebel Targets Skill Reset: 150k

Standard Mod Crate: 60k
Standard Material Crate: 60k

7k Training Ammo: 50k
30k Training Ammo: 200k


Loyalty and Funds — 22 Comments

  1. Deployment’s.

    App is saying I can not occupy another base because I’m limited to 2 deployments.
    Only problem is, I don’t have a second one out I know of.

    How do you tell where your deployed, and how to recall those troops so I can occupy another base.

    • On right towards the top of ur screen is a small box/pic of a deplyment truck and a number tap this it will tell u how many deployments u have out and what they’re doing and where they are. Hope this helps

    • Yes and no, loyalty belong to the alliance where you earned them. You cannot “carry” loyalty you have earned to another alliance.

  2. When you click on the item store, how do you make a purchase with loyalty points instead of using gold? Don’t see how to make a purchase other than by clicking on old.

  3. I am trying to set up a shielded bank for my alliance to use to store Resources while in free for all. any ideas? do i need to set up an alternate account and then move it to our state?

  4. Hi.why i cant access gold store.it keeps loading and says sorry for inconvenience and try it later
    Any help?
    Thanks in advance

  5. Hi – Could someone please explain how the Alliance Store works. I have enough points to purchase an Advanced Teleporter from the catalogue but there already exists an Advanced Teleport (with number 1 in it) in the Alliance Store Items. Does that mean my Alliance already owns one for everyone to use or do I need to purchase one/another one. It’s a big outlay 400k points so I want to make sure I’m doing it correctly. Cheers.

  6. How can I take over the leadership role of my Alliance? The current leader is not active & has little power & no alliance activity?

  7. Im stuck with the “receive help from an alliance member” main mission???
    What do i need to get the alliance to do? Surely they are already clicking on the “help all” button like I do when even it appears… and if its not that i need then what?
    Ive been ‘helped’ by the alliance sending resources to me so its not this either. Really wish it was explained properly in game!

    Cant find any information within the game nor on the web explaining properly what “help” i need.

    Can anyone “help” please?

  8. How do you rank up, I have the highest power, level, and literally highest every stat in my whole alliance, yet I’m a rank 1, what do you have to do to rank up??

  9. Im trying to figure out why some players are unable to see the alliance catalog. Could someone please help me out im one of those people that cant see anything in the catalog.

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