After creating the armory, you will need to find different materials to do your crafting for the various gears. Here we will provide some simple guidelines to help you obtain all the necessary materials.

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1. Completing Missions
The daily missions in the different categories as Daily, Alliance, and VIP offers you materials for completion rewards. One of the best cost effective way to get higher grade material is by using the daily chances for refreshes.

It should be noted that the quality of the items is correlated to your base level as well as commander level. As you advance further into the game, you will have better chances at getting higher grade daily chances.

2. Resource Tiles Occupation
When you occupy natural resource tiles, you have a chance at getting the different types of materials based on the resource tile. Your best bet is to occupy the highest level resource tile that you can hold.

Quarry: Glass, Lead
Farm: Rope, Wood, Leather
Oil Well: Rubber
Iron Mine: Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Steel
Abandoned Fort:
Gold Mine:

You may want to read our complete resource gathering guide.

3. Rebel Targets
Various rebel targets grant you with the materials. You want to hit the highest level rebel targets for higher level materials. Considering boosting the energy cost and maximum energy so that you can land more hits. Learn how to maximize your return with our Rebel Targets Hunting Guide.

4. Rebel Targets Grave Resource Tile Camp
After the rebel target has died, it will leave after a resource tile. This resource tile has high chances of dropping materials. So do your best to hold and occupy these rebel grave resource tiles.

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5. Alliance Rewards from Rebel Final Hit Gift
When an alliance member deal the final blow to a rebel camp. The entire alliance will receive Hunter gifts that might offer material items.

6. Material Crates
There are 4 types of crates that award standard materials. You can purchase them from the shop. However, you should NEVER buy materials from crates as they offer the worst cost to material ratio. Only get them as they come across from a promotion that you are buying for some other things like special packages and sales.

Standard: lvl 1-3 (600g)
Specialized: lvl 2-4 (2000g)
Advanced: lvl 3-5 (5000g)
Elite: lvl 1-6 (3000g)

Alternatively, you can purchase a Standard Crate with Alliance Loyalty at 60k points a pop.

7. Winning Battles
When you attack other bases, the wins have chances of awarding you with material.

When you are defending and win the incoming attack, you also have a chance of getting the material. The chance of receiving a material becomes higher if you are able to capture the enemy commander.

8. Combining Materials for Better Grade
You generally want to save your lower level grade materials, combine them for higher grade and eventually craft the higher level gears.

9. Materials from Rebel Caps
Avalanche Armory
Arctic Camo Patch
Elastic Strap

Snow Stalker Cargo Container
Black Satin
Micro Lens
Microfiber Wire

Snow Leopard Frozen Cache
Winter Camo Patch
Brushed Blue Metal
Silver Fox Fur
Infrared Sensor

SCRO00g3 Cache
Green Tiger Camo Patch
Stainless Steel
White Felt
Arctic Trigger Guard


Material Farming Guide — 9 Comments

  1. Was there any change in this informations? I was now on about 30 iron mines, looking for titan. I didn’t even found 1 piece of it…

    • That’s because of the release of the ECON gear. Since then the tiles rarely give the materials they used to, only materials for the ECON gear 90% of the time.

  2. any one know which rebel to hit to get Rocketeer Gears materials , the Rebel name plz? Black thermal plastic and Polished Black metal are very hard to get.

  3. Is it possible to automate the opening of crates, when you have many of them?
    Otherwise youhave to push the the Use button hundreds of times.

  4. Do you know what rebels, tiles’ or rbel grave sites give the extremly explosive cans needed to manufacture the ult grd bounty hunter set gear?

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