Are you new to the game and just want a simple guide to do your name change? We have the guide just for you. We will note all the ways on how you can customize your base and commander in Mobile STrike.

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There are several places where you can change your names in Mobile Strike.

To access the name changing features in Mobile Strike. You will need to use “special” personalization items filed under My Items -> Special. Below is a screenshot of where you can access the Name Change Item.

Mobile Strike Name Change

Change Player Name
The “Change Player Name” item changes the name of your base as well as your name in chat. It normally costs 40 gold. Input the player name.

Mobile Strike Base Name Change Input

And after you finalize the name change, your base name on the world map will now show your new player name instead of the default. The name as appeared on the chat will also change.

Mobile Strike Finalized Name Change

Change Personnel File Image
This option allows you to change the profile image on the chats.

Mobile Strike Change Profile Image

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Non-Important Personalization Items
Commander Name: This option allows you to change the commander that you use to lead your army with. You can see the changed name from the commander profile screen.

Mobile Strike Commander Name Change

Base Rename: This name change option allows you to change the name of the base that you are currently occupying. The name of the base comes up in battle reports. You can do the name change from the headquarters menu and see the changed name by tapping on your base on the world map.

Mobile Strike Base RenameMobile Strike Renamed Base

Commander Select determines your commander’s appearance. It has no effect on the power of the commander, but rather your own personal choice on whom to look at during your screen. Just pick someone that you think looks cool and pleasing to your own personal eye.

Mobile Strike Commander Select


Name Change and Personalization Guide — 12 Comments

  1. This is not a guide, please tell me or show me where to go in order to change my chat picture and my commander. All I see here is the screen where I can do it, but I am not being shown how to get there or what to tap. Almost this whole guide is just “this is where you can change it.” And its a pic. No instruction

  2. Hallo Dankeschön für die hilfsvollen Tipps.
    Aber hab noch eine Frage.
    Ich spiele es mit mein kollegen aber wir wollen unsere Siedlungen nebeneinander haben. Ist sowas denn möglich? Kann man Platz umändern ?

  3. Hey i have recently bought an account and tried to change email, it said verification has been sent but it doesnt show, i have tried numerous times with no luck, can you help me solve this please

  4. I had to reboot my phone and have lost control of my account I have been working on the password but it is not being recognized, my base is MR TEE 69 I am in SINA my state I email address on this account is [email protected] plz help me regain control of my base I have a load of money tied up in this game

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