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HeadquartersHeadquarters is the center of your Base and establishes your status on world. All of your building upgrades are limited by the level of your Headquarters.

The headquarter also determines your deployment size. At Headquarter level’s 6, 11, 16 and 21, you increase your available deployment slot by 1 to be able to send multiple marching armies.
VaultA premium building that can be purchased to generate free gold over time.
MonumentPremium building that allows you to equip and unlock boosts offered through insignia.
WallTraps defense your Base against attackers. Higher wall levels allow you to place more traps on your wall.

Upgrade: Increase Number of Traps

Level 21 Wall: 10% Trap Attack.
ArmoryThe Armory enables you to Manufacture equipment for your Commander and combine Mods and materials.

Upgrade: Reduces the manufacture time of your items.

Level 21 Armory: 125% bonus to manufacture time.
Unlock 1 Additional Accessory Slot
BankBuild Banks to provide Coin for your base.

Reduces Troop Training Time
Increase Coin Production
Increase Coin Capacity

Level 21 Bank: 2% boost to all of your troops attack.
WarehouseThe Warehouse protects a portion of your resources from enemy attacks. A higher-level Warehouse protects more resources.

Upgrade: Increase Resource Protected.

Level 21 Warehouse: Coin Protection
Radar StationHigher level radar station offers you additional reports and information about incoming attacks. Below is a complete list of these additional invasion battle reports.

Upgrade your Radar Station for better intel.

Level 21 Radar Station: Reduce an opponents attack stats against you by 10%.
Research FacilityUpgrading your Research Facility speeds up your Research and enables access to new research improvements to your base.

Level 21 Research Facility: Bonus of 5% research bonus instead of the usual 1%.
Training GroundsThe Training Grounds enables you to train troops.

Upgrade: Increase the numbers of troop training capacity.

Upgrading your training ground also provides a bonus to troop defense for every 5 levels.

Level 21 training ground: offers a 10% Troop defense bonus.
HospitalThe Hospital enables you to heal wounded Troops defending your Base.

Upgrade: increase the capacity of wounded troops that you can hold.

Level 21 Hospital provides a 5% boost to troops health.
Trading PostThe Trading Post enables you to send Resources to your Alliance.

Upgrade: Boost Trade Capacity and Lowering Tax

Level 21 Trading Post grants 100% Trade Deployment Speed.
EmbassyThe Embassy enables you to house reinforcements from your Alliance.

Upgrade: Increase the number of troops capacity for reinforcement.

Level 21 Embassy grants 10% Embassy Defense Bonus.
PrisonThe Prison enables enemy Commanders to be captured and detained.

Upgrade: Reduce Execution Waiting Time
Increase Prisoner Holding Duration

Level 21 Prison gives bonuses based on the captured Commander's Level.
Death RowDeath Row grants boosts to your Base upon a Commander’s Elimination.

Upgrade: Boost Stats Gained upon execution

Level 21 Death Row grants significantly higher boosts.
Hall of HeroesHall of Heroes increases the XP your Commander gains.

Each Hall of Heroes upgrade level increases the XP rewarded by 5% and maxes out at 125% for level 21. In addition the Hall of Heroes protects a percentage of your Commander’s XP should he be captured and executed.

Upgrade: Improve Commander EXP gain and Lower EXP Penalty upon Rehire.

Level 21 Hall of Heroes grants 20 additional skill points.
War RoomThe War Room enables you to organize War Rallies against your opponents.

Upgrade: Improve Number of Troops on Rally.

Level 21 War Room grants 10% Rally Attack Bonus.
FarmBuild Farms to provide Food for your base

Upgrading the level of your farms, will increase their food production per hour as well as food capacity.
Oil WellBuild Oil Wells to provide Oil for your base.

Upgrading the level of your Oil Well, will increase their oil production per hour as well as oil capacity.
QuarryBuild Quarries to provide Stone for your base.

Upgrading the level of your Quarry, will increase their stone production per hour as well as stone capacity.
Iron MineBuild Iron Mines to provide iron used for your Troops, infrastructure, and R&D.

Upgrading the level of your Iron Mine, will increase their iron production per hour as well as iron capacity.


Operation Building — 8 Comments

  1. Where can I get the golden cuffs required to update the prison? Would really appreciate it if someone can tell me this

    • Click on the items and in special items (the first one) you scroll down to the bottom it should be there

      If just do the same thing you eould do if you were upgrading it and when you ger to the rss needed screen press
      (get more) next to the cuffs

    • Click on the items and in special items (the first one) you scroll down to the bottom it should be there

      If just do the same thing you eould do if you were upgrading it and when you ger to the rss needed screen press
      (get more) next to the cuffs

    • you should get them in gift boxes as well as the kits you get every 15-30 minutes. if you go to the alliance store, and then click on catalogue, you can add stuff in there you want that the alliance can help you get. Also the shooting range, but don’t buy the ammo with your gold, it goes way to fast not worth it.

  2. New player. Mabey a silly question. I was attacked now my hospitals have a extra cross. What’s the process to correct this?

  3. Good news! All of your troops aren’t killed. The big red cross means that you have injured troops in the hospital. Click on the hospital, click on the que troops button, and click on the heal button. If you belong to an alliance you can also click the help button to help speed up the process. Depending on the amount of troops that you have in the hospital, the amount and level of the hospitals that you own, and how much resources you have left after the attack will determine how long it will take to heal your troops. When the timer runs out, go back and repeat the process again until all of your troops have been healed.

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