Prototype Gear is the latest addition into Mobile Strike in April 2016. You can manufacture prototype gears by manufacturing them via the Armory Building. These prototype gears are “gear buffs” that have duration buffs. Once you equip the protoype gear, the timer will run until it breaks and disappears. Prototype Set Bonus Recipe offer additional boosts.

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Because of that limited time effect, prototype gears are best used in Control Point wars or Kill Events where you fight against other players for a set period of time, or when you need that instant turbo troops buff to give you that extra edge to kill more enemy troops.

You will need both “cores” and “attachments” to create prototype gears. Each of the attachment has a range of stats that can be “added” to the core stats. The attachment can be combined just like you would with regular materials.

To start crafting prototype gears, you must first complete the necessary manufacturing research tree. Higher level core mastery level research allows you to craft higher level prototype gears.

Related Core Crafting Research
Below is the amount of resources for each core crafting level, research facility and other research requirements. Use this table to help you plan out your path of prototype gear crafting upgrades.

Core CraftingPower
0h 24m 0s
Research Facility 1
4h 36m 10s
Research Facility 7
Core Mastery 1
2d 10h 31m
Research Facility 7
Troop Load II 5
Core Mastery 2
Gathering II 5,
29d 13h 16m
Research Facility 10
Core Mastery 3
Manufacturing Speed 3
452d 19h 30m
Research Facility 10
Core Mastery 4
Manufacturing Speed 5
662d 2h 17m
Research Facility 12
4th Attachment
Manufacturing Slot

How to Get Cores
The best way to get cores at the moment is by winning quests or purchasing packs, since cores are still pretty rare to obtain through other means.

How to Get Attachments
The best way to get attachments is by occupying the resource tiles left by dead rebel targets. In addition, you also have decent attachment drop rates by dealing damage against rebel targets.

How to Make Best Use of Prototype Gears
Below are some of the strategies and tips to help you maximize the effect of prototype gears.

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1. Create Core Gears that suit your troop type.
Depending on your troop composition or specialty, opt to create core gears that suit your troops. Like gears, you want to craft core prototype gears that will make the biggest impact on your troops. If your troops are infantry heavy, you do not want to waste your cores and materials on other troop types prototype gears.

2. Defending with Core Gears against your enemy’s attacks
If you are expecting an attack from an enemy, and you have a cache of all troop types as your defenses, for example 1 million of each troops. You can quickly use the correct cores to take enemy hits. If an enemy is coming at you with Infantry Troops, you can gear yourself up with Tactical type of prototype gears to deal more damage against such attacks.

3. Research Core Manufacturing Luck to improve stats
All the prototype gears’s attachments have a range of stats that can be used during manufacturing. Your goal is to improve those stats and make your prototype gears more powerful. The key is again research, make sure you research Core Manufacturing Luck to improve the lower end of stats, before you start getting serious about crafting high end core gears.

4. Opt for higher level core gears and use regular gears normally
Since prototype core gears are one time use only, you want to use them when it really counts for the major battles that occur. This means that you should still craft the highest level regular gears possible, and aim for the highest level core and attachments that contain more buffs than your regular gears. Do not settle with minor stats boost, go big with the core gear levels and deal as much damage where it counts.

5. Be Aware of Prototype Buff Time Restraints
Lastly, watch out for the timer with each of the prototype gears. Always keep an eye on those pesky buff timers. You never want to get into a situation where you enter into a battle without the proper buffs, especially at high end fights. An ending stats boost buff can mean thousands or even millions of unnecessary troop loss for a simple time lapse mistake.

Consider researching Duration to increase the amount of time that prototype gears are in effect.


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