Below we will provide information on the various research that you can do in game and their effects.

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Food Production

Oil Production


Gold Gathering

Stone Production

Troop Load

Iron Production

Deployment Speed

All the research that relate to unlocking of T2, T3, and T4 troops have been included in our Mobile Strike troop training and unlock guide.


Training Speed

Infantry Attack

Infantry Defense

Tactical Attack

Tactical Defense

Armored Vehicle Attack

Armored Vehicle Defense

Artillery Attack

Artillery Defense

Troop Health

Troop Defense

All the research that relate to unlocking of T2, T3, and T4 traps have been included in our Mobile Strike trap building and unlock guide.

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Trap Building

Trap Defense

Trap Attack


The information to unlock each Rebel Target Levels has been included in our Rebel Target Strategy.

Energy Recovery

Commander Deployment Speed

Commander Critical Hit

Commander Attack Streak

Energy Cost Reduction

Deployment Slot

Energy Recovery II

Commander Attack

Commander Critical Hit II

Trap Attack

Maximum Energy Limit

Trap Defense

Training Speed II

Commander Attack Streak II

Rebel Target Defense Debuff

Commander Attack II

Hospital Healing Speed

Energy Cost Reduction II

Troop Attack

Troop Defense

Maximum Energy Limit II


Research — 6 Comments

  1. I have research files in my items. But I can not find any information on how to use them,what they are used for,or when to use them. Any info would be great. Ido want to thank you for what you have done with this site. This is the best info on the game I have found. Keep up the good work . Thank You

  2. I have searched for an answer but when attacking rebel targets and results say, “deployment speed” with an up arrow under research, what changes? The time it takes to attack a target, create an outpost, or travel to same distance target remains exactly the same. The % under deployment speed has never change but every time I attack I keep getting the increase in deployment speed.

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