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  1. Hello All,
    A great how to play guide, what i have seen so far.
    I have not yet found ATTACK DEBUFF or any mention of it in the game.
    Any help wold be welcomed.

    Regards Steve

  2. I have 80 mil power now. I want to use all of the boosts and gear of my commander when i am attacked but i don’t want to risk losing my commander against a really big guy. Can I rally my commander right before i am attacked with a single troop (to get him out of the base) and still receive all of the benefits that he has (defense boost,gear boosts, etc) during the attack. Doing so would ensure that I won’t lose him if my troops get slaughtered? I have t4 everything now as well.

    • if you rally your commander the boosts associated with the commander do not apply to your troops. a commander less force is a vastly weaker force and you will loose a larger number of troops. you would have to be grossly outnumbered in troop power to loose your commander if you left him at home. check your troop power number in your profile, then add your boost percentage, then remember a incoming force of lets say 100k t3 for example is 2.4million troop power + whatever boost they might have. i typically go in the early stages with a standard 200+ percent boost. so if 375k t3 are attacking with a lvl 18 hq and a 47 commander you could expect a incoming troop power force of 27million troop power and lets say you have 750k troops mixed with a troop power of 14million but 250% defense boost that puts you at 49 million troop boosted power, you will not have a massive defeat and would not loose your commander.

  3. Are t4s considered “advanced troops”?
    The mods now have boosts for advanced troops and I am not sure what “advanced” refers to.


    • The “Advanced” Troops mentioned is is the concept of “being more detailed” than beginner guides. It was coincidentally named the same by the developers for their latest addition into the game.

    • its a pre curser to what we in the game of war community call strategic troops, a seperate set of troop types that are stronger versus the regular troop type when it is going against its nemesis, example infantry beats vehicle, ranged beats infantry and vehicle beats ranged. the regular troops are best for defense as they attack more than one troop type, and the strategic are better suited for rallies and offense

  4. Hi, again i am in need of some enlightening, time has passed since i naively hope big players wouldn’t zero bases and i realize you have to answer fire with fire, i am now a decent 26mill player but off course there are always the bigger players and one of the BIGGEST, 350 mil, took my commander 2 days ago and i am not sure what his intentions are because i have no contact him,i was hoping this radio silence would just bore him and so release him but it doesn’t look like he’s going to do that, i though he may kill him, well i have the resuscitation kit, but what if he doesn’t want to kill him but just hold him until i grovel in despair or make a deal and let him attack me and take resources (i know he did that before), but i can’t do that now i have to see the radio silent trought! but i think i can see the consequences already on my base being without commander, a bounty wouldn’t work as he such a big player from the biggest alliance, no one going to take him!it’s a problem alright, but…to my amazement i found THE CYANIDE PILL!! i can kill my commander and bring him back to life on my term!! HA!! 24h it says, i activated it few hours ago so tomorrow he dies and i get him back but…i now read that your commander takes the pill and die after an amount of time, my question is HOW LONG???? how long after he takes the pill the commander dies?? i have been without long enough, does anyone know??
    Thanks, Rosemma

  5. I am greatful to learn what has been mentioned! So I have been 21 and finished with infantry troops, still yet T4 tanks and artillery, along with traps to unlock. So no gears besides research and construction. What gears for RSS tiles bound to get hit? Since big Alliances can crush us like eggs with their billion power regardless of Rules are in play.

  6. Hey, mods, my first instinct is to put lots of mods which enhance fight power and only some health and defence, but someone told me to put 2 health and defence for each mode because troops won’t die easily, not use having great fighting power if you are dead, is that true?
    Thanks, Rosemma

    • It depends what you’re going for. There are a lot of graphs online that will explain this in greater detail. However if you’re attacking a base your size or smaller you should be using a high attack and some defense. If you’re attacking a base with many more troops than you then you want attack and health. Attack boost will always be the most damage inflicting however until the rebuffs are released in MS

  7. I have been searching tirelessly for an answer to what may be very simple but is the topic of discussion in state right now. While sending an individual troop type attack I.e. Infantry to a target. Can troop attack and infantry attack be added to one another counting the same overall. Is there any difference in the two boosts during a single troop type attack. Also if sending a balanced attack at the Control Point does troop attack then get divided up amongst the troop types or will each type of troop see the same original troop attack boost listed? Any help would be appreciated

  8. I’ve been told different with my question.

    If I am attacking a base should I use attack or defense? I know from what I’ve read it says attack. I know using the type of boost is important when you attack either a low, same size, or larger player. My question is when I attack do I use attack or defense ?

    Thank you

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