Black Market Information — 11 Comments

  1. ratio calculation is wrong. From level 4 to 5 you’ve used a factor 2 instead of 4.
    Level 5 Material should be 256, level 6 material 1.024

  2. Greetings Mobile Strike Development Team, I have been playing Every Day for over 6 Month. I have only seen the BLACK MARKET STORE open Once since I started playing. My State is ESCO #245. i have Asked Other ACTIVE Players if they have seen it and they replied they haven’t seen it in MONTHS! Can you look into this Issue? Also we still have No Use for the WAR BONDS.. Any Idea when we will be able to actually use them?

    Thank You for your quick response,

  3. You have to go through the armory to get there. From here, go to Manufacturing. It should be here. If this is not the black market you’re referring to, my apologies.

  4. I buy a package with black market credits but it is never open. It only opened right after I bought a package for a hour. I bought the package to use the credits not look at come back later on my screen.

  5. hi please explain how to get there black market credits.
    In the field there is NO rebel-like black market targets.Also noone can find the black market shooting range
    Also all the players in our Alliance want to know how to get these credits without spending even more money

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