Commander Battle and Capture Execution Guide — 38 Comments

  1. You DON’T need deathrow OR EVEN to be lvl 15 to kill a Commander but every guide says you do!!! Buhahahahahaha quit reading lame guides or listening to some wallet warrior who never even bothered to learn basic game mechanics cause just paid to be huge. He can afford to be an idiot, you may not have $5-10k to blow on a game so can be an ignorant big shot bully who doesn’t need to know anything but how to talk shit and act special. If that’s the case play the game, just ignore every guide and person who try and tell you what’s best and play and figure out what’s best for you! Odds are without these players and guides and just some COMMON sense and effort most would do much better and figure out the correct answer on their own their own instead if never notoicing you can execute COs earlier cause some idiot told you you can’t…..


  2. How do I increase my “COMMANDER REBEL DEPLOYMENT SPEED BONUS” not the regular commander deployment speed in the research tree?

  3. You only need the death row to gain a BOOST from executing the enemy commander, but ya, you can execute them at any level that you can capture them at.

    • Thank you everyone for the clarification of the execution. The guide has been rewritten to fix the wrong information earlier.

    • No you have to be a level 15 or higher to execute a commander because you have to be level 15 to get death row and upgrade your prison to level 15

    • Look at their base on the world view, if their profile picture shows a normal face, click on the commander button. If their gear is showing, the commander is in his base, unless the profile pic shows an animal head with possibly eggs on their face- the commander is in prison. If their gear is missing, the commander has been killed, and not revived yet.
      You can see all of this with your shield up.

      If you scout, you must drop your shield.

      You can also mark the base, and that will tell you if the commander is in his base, in prison, or killed and not revived yet. All while under your shield.

  4. Prison holding time can surpass the execution time. It means that you can simply hold enemy commander captive without killing him. Or the opposite may be true, sometimes you can see the execution time passed and your captured hero is still in long commander is release or kill ?i have this situation and I can understand what’s going on ????

  5. After execution you get your gear back, it will be in your inventory.

    Still would like to know how to calculate the time for commander to escape if they are not executed.

    • 7-8 hours for a lvl 40 hero and level 15 prison.
      10-12 hours for lvl 50 and level 21 prison.
      2~3 days for a lvl 20 and level 21 prison.

  6. 7-8 hours for a lvl 40 hero and level 15 prison.
    10-12 hours for lvl 50 and level 21 prison.
    2~3 days for a lvl 20 and level 21 prison.

  7. Please can you add information about the Cyanide pill and how it works! For example if you take the pill and they release your commander your commander dkesnt die…do you get all commander skills etc back as if your commander was executed?

  8. I had my commander captured and its been over the 3 day time and i still dont have her does anyone know why and how they van keep her longer.

  9. You guys must be tarts. I seen one question being asked like three times. Yet you answer with sh*t that’s on here already AS IF we ain’t f*cking read that already lmao smh.


    That lvl to hours ratio is CLEARLY shit..cmon guys get a grip and answer the damn question. Or have none of your Coms ever escaped? I mean why else would we look for person-generated answers rather than what we already know from the game. TARTS.

  10. My commander was captured. I think I have him back? but his name is the name of the guy that captured him. What do I do to get him back to normal? Thanks!

  11. So if I don’t have a hall of heros and my commander is executed. If I hire a new commander will his level drop from say level 60 to level 40 for example??? Or do I keep my level and lose the xp points??? So you all know I want to go down commander levels for a particular reason

  12. My commander was captured, it’s been more than three days, timer says zero, but has not been eliminated or released. What can I do to get him back?

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