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  1. 1.How do I add friends to my facebook friends list? I have more friends on facebook than what is listed.

    2. Is there a way of advertising / recruiting on facebook on my page?
    And if I can recruit my friends on facebook to play can I get goal for them joining Mobile Strike?

  2. Gold mine & gold gift collection problems. I’m linked to FB, but cannot collect gold gifts from FB friends. I’m told to upgrade my Gold Mine, but when I do at a cost $1000 in gold per upgrade, it only allows me to collect 1 gift of $10 in gold. It’s screwing me big time as I’m losing $990 each time.. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong, if anything?

  3. The gold mine seems very buggy. Many people report the game crashing when they try to use it. There are many people with link problems. In my case, I have it working ok, but I cannot remove inactive players from my list of friends. I have contacted support and they tell me there is a cross hair to move to delete, but no such thing exists on my version (android).

  4. I cannot collect gold from my Facebook friends at all they keep expiring!!! Wtf I’m about to call it a day and uninstall!

    • I logged in to the facebook account I wanted to use. then logged out of mobile strike, logged back in and it started using the new fb account

  5. Green alliance gift boxes do I buy them with my own personal money before I can open them? I have memorial day alliance gifts 6 and copper alliance gifts 2 and gold alliance gifts 4.

  6. I have my friends set up in Face book. Two come through, but the third does not — is there a privacy setting or something he needs to turn on?

  7. This game is pissing me off. Countless times I get these blue crates that tell me to collect so many gold, and when I open them it tells me I’ve received the gold, but the gold is nowhere to be found. Then I I get “7000 free ammo”, which sounds all good, until I go to shooting and I get one shot off and I’m apparently out of ammo. Starting to feel sorry I wasted my time even downloading this game.

  8. I can’t get my gold from little blue chests at the bottom right corner I can get the resources out but no the gold?

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