Gathering Guide for Resources (RSS Tiles) — 29 Comments

  1. Hi

    Quick question which I cannot seem to find on here…how can I send coins to other players via the trading post or is there another way to do it. I am at Lvl 21 in all my buildings.

    Thanks so much


  2. when i attack an unabandoned HQ my troops only collect food and coin but not anything else although it has other tons of resources. How do my troops collect steel, oil, and stone, when it attacks? it just collects coin and food.

    • Anonymous, what you are seeing is all of the rss in the base, you need to account for the players warehouse. A lvl 21 warehouse will protect 2 million of everything so even though he might be showing 2 million oil steel etc. you will not gain any from him. Upgrade your scout to lvl9 to be able to see buildings and their lvls

  3. What about the tile levels? I see level 1 and 2 around me but mostly 1’s. How do you encourage higher level tiles to appear around you? Thanks.

  4. I’m having such a problem trying to get out all of the troops I bring I’m only getting and able to use 75 %…I don’t understand why I can’t use 100%

    • The game may be bugged. Consider completely exiting the game. Or your troops may have been attacked and killed, check battle report if that is the case. In addition, the troops have a march limit depending on your HQ level and associated buffs.

  5. Click on your HQ to see what your deployment size is; the same limitations you have in gathering you also have for attacks. You very likely are exceedingly your deployment size and so must attack in two or more deployments, or waves….which you should be doing anyway if you are attacking using any kind of strategy, like sending armored vehicles/LAV/Howitzers/ tanks in first followed by a second deployment of tactical units (scouts, Rangers, Delta Force) units and then your front line infantry ground troops.(soldiers, machine gunners, rocket infantry). For example, a level 15 HQ has a maximum deployment size of 90,000 troops…..when gathering or attacking, if you select “que all troops” it will choose from top to bottom until 90,000 troops have been selected…that’s as many as you can send in this deployment. Other troops must be sent in the second wave of your attack.

  6. “The best Mobile Strike troops used for gathering purpose only is T1 Infantry”

    This information is false. Armored Vehicles are faster than infantry. Infantry is actually second slowest, after Artillery. Artillery also has the highest load, not infantry. While you’d need less troops with infantry due to load, it will also take longer to get there and back.

    • Thank you for your input, we completely agree with you. We have updated this gathering guide to reflect faster traveling speed of Armored Vehicles, as well as our take on the benefits of using both for the gathering process in different situations.

  7. These guidelines for mobile strike are great, unless you have no way to make purchases in game. Is there a guide for the free player?

  8. What does upkeep efficiency do ? I can’t seem to find anything on this that directly answers my question. No not upkeep reduction. Efficiency. Please help

  9. What’s the difference between Resources Incoming and Resource Help Incoming?
    My alliance sent me resources and this was the report.

    • Resource help incoming means the RSS is in transit. You do not actually “receive it” until the RSS arrives at your base.

  10. Hey this has great info, but the one thing I was wondering and did not find on this write-up, is there anyone to send out more than 3 deployments at once, without having to spend money? Is there a certain level where you get an extra deployment slot, or something you can research? Thanks!

  11. I had 117,000 total troops. I was able to train around 23k at one time. I sent 80,000 troops to a tile to gather resources and they were all killed. Now when I go to train more troops I’m limited to 1300 at a time. Why can’t I train as many troops at one time as I could before.

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