Get More Confirmed Kills and Higher KDR — 6 Comments

    • two things can be done.

      One, if they attacked you and took your commander simply look at your commander and it will tell you the current coordinates of your commander’s capturer

      two, you can set a rally on that individual (try making it an 8 hour rally) this will allow you to protect the troops you rallied and if you go back to the alliance tab, then Alliance war tab, you can see the current location of the rally target under the target’s name.

  1. We did a test. I hit a base with commander and t4. Results 61 wounded. Then i hit the same base after it heald troops . This time with only t4 no commander. The results 61 wounded the same as with commander. Then i hit with t1 without commander. The result was 62 wounded? Wtf. Why even build your base stronger. No one can win

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