How to Hide and Protect Your Troops — 21 Comments

  1. Excellent explanation

    lack of game experience would keep you from understanding the plain explanation provided here Stewart..

    • Isn’t he point of explaining something.. To show someone with less experience? If so, then he should change the way he explains it so less-experienced players can understand.

      • A ghost rally/fake rally is done my setting a rally on a city that is really far away so that it takes the maximum amount of time for your rally to reach that destination if it does indeed leave your city. When you choose to rally with let’s say 250k troops, those 250k troops no longer appear in your troop count if someone was to scout your city and they can’t be killed while in a rally if your city is attacked. The 8 hour time for the rally to march is to keep your troops hidden in the rally for the maximum amount of time. I don’t have instructions for you on how to set a rally as I don’t play this but used to play Game of War religiously and both games are basically the same . Just wanted to help.

  2. I saw somewhere what the color outlines stood for, i.e. red for attack, green for resources. I can not find it again and I had a blue outline and had no clue what was going on. There were ? 4 ? Where to find this info, please.
    Thanks Much

  3. I am wondering about porting out of a rally while in a enemy state. My team and I were rallying a player from a different state. The invader was in our state and he ported back to his home state to avoid being hit. Our rally continued the count down for rally, but our rally stopped at state line. I never knew this was possible.

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