Rebel Target Farming Guide — 11 Comments

  1. If a level 50 commander is allocated 50 rebel points, how can you Max out “Max energy limit if th required skills need 5 and 10 pts each? hat makes the Max that you can use on Max Energy 25 and not 30. Please explain.

    • When you upgrade the Hall of Heroes to level 21, you get 20 bonus Commander skill points and 10 bonus Rebel skill points. These bonus points allow you to max out the Max Energy, and have 5 left over to allocate to any other skill.

  2. The “A full attack can generally deal more overall damage than attacking 3 times.” is completely incorrect.

    A full attack will attack with the damage of 3 unmodified attacks, whereas 3 individual attacks will attack with a 0%, 14%, and 31% modifier, doing a fair bit more damage. If you can get 4 or more attacks, even more so.

    There’s almost no reason to do a Full Attack unless you are short on time.

    • The full attack appears to have innate multiplier not shown. You will typically receive more items compared to attacking three times. We estimate the attack streak to be worthwhile after 5th attack or so.

      • A full attack does not have any multiplier, at all. You don’t receive more items. This info you’re providing is wrong.

        Individual attacks are ALWAYS better, except in the time needed to do them.

        I mean, technically, a full attack might provide more items because you’re doing less damage.

        6 hits at less damage give more items than 5 hits with more damage. But you can still hit 6 times regardless with single.

  3. Streak bonus is calculated on distinct attacks, not individual hits, so it is (almost) never better to perform max hits. Instead do individual single hits, repeating each within the streak time window (up to 1 hour).
    The Streak bonus progresses as follows (starting with the second hit, all numbers in percentages):
    15, 31, 48, 66, 85, 105, 126, 148, 171, 195, 220, 246, 273, 301, 330, 361, 393, 406, 440
    up to your max streak bonus (based on research).
    FYI, with the best gear above, and Commander Tree complete, it takes 2 single hits for a Level 1 Rebel, 3 or 4 for a Level 2, 6 or 7 for a Level 3, 10 for a Level 4, 12 or 13 for a Level 5 and about 20 for a Level 6.

  4. I have the Desert Commando gear, which appears to be better than the previous tracker gear. Although I still have some research that can be done, I’m still disappointed in the results against rebels. Some have said that Infantry Attack boosts via Mods and Commander Skills (regular, on the left side) improves rebel attacks as well. I have not been able to confirm this. Anyone have experience with improving rebel attacks with Infantry Attack boosts?

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