Troop Composition and Battle Strategy — 18 Comments

  1. This is very old outdated and bad information.
    Never stick to one troop type if you do you will be easily defeated. Each troop type is strong against one and weak against another. Think of it like rock, paper, scissors. Only it’s now armored, armored, tactical, infantry. Armored beats tactical, tactical beats infantry, and infantry beats armored. Artillery is useless against anyone build correctly so never build more than 200k. Build troops at a rate of 10 T1 to every 1 T3. Build T2 at a rate of 12.5 T2 to every 1 T4. Don’t have T4? Then don’t build T2 period! Not going to spend money don’t play this game! You can compete with out spending much but you will never make it with out spending any money. First goal get to headquarters 15 asap. Then shield for 30 days build your base until everything is level 15 and finish all research combat and commander research till it’s as high as you can go. Next build 1 mil each T1 and 100k each T3. Do this is you will be able to enjoy the game and compete. Don’t and you will hate this game and quite.

      • You only use food for builds and building troops. It will be decremented automatically if you don’t keep it stored. Only Use what you need for troops and builds as you go along.

        Your troops will not starve, die nor will there be any penalty for leaving them without food. They survive on MRE’s. :<)

  2. Ok, I have x amount of troops, from what I read, I should have in garrison ready to go 25% or less T3 or lower, and 75% or greater T4…

    Wouldn’t it be just easier to have all T4 advanced and normal troops? Or am I over thinking this.

    Today lost 7 million troops trying to attack a base that is 1/2 the power I am and still it seemed it didn’t even scratch him… Sent 10%t3 90% t4 as per your guild and even tried 100 t4 in waves of infantry tactical, and armor. maxed in each deployment. like I said 7 million troops later, his KDR had jumped… So what the hell did I do wrong there..

    • Food doesn’t matter unless doing building or researching. Your troops will live even if you don’t have food. Once you get up high enough in VIP or Commander level you can use a 5 day 50% upkeep reduction and a lot of head gear has a 50% upkeep reduction. I don’t know exactly what you need to do to get this to work, but using both together produces a 100% upkeep reduction. 5 day 50% speed ups are cheap to buy in the store or items. Just “FOOD” for thought.

    • The troops don’t die if you have no food. There are also helmets with 50% food reduction and there are 25%, 50% & 100% food reduction boost.

  3. Most gear has specialty halloween masks that give 50% upkeep reduction. Couple that with your 5day 50% troop upkeep reduction and you have 0 upkeep.

  4. I was testing some mechanics and my t1 meatshield got killed off and my higher teir troops were hospitalized…. anyone lnow why?

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