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  1. You can use the mod remover by buying it with gold or by winning it in a prize or crate. Its a green picture with a little pair of tweezers with a mod in it lol

    • After you reach VIP level 10 you will have the option to switch to VIP Prestige, starting at level 1, for 10,000 gold.

  2. I did all that was required to get free gold but it keeps saying download more free apps yo verify I’m not a robot wtf ?

  3. Thanks for great descriptions! Just wanted to check, the points required for each level – are they cumulative or each time start from zero? i.e. to get from VIP level 2 to level 3 do I need 2500 points or just the 1500 increment? Thanks.

    • There are zeros in the list, so clearly the start from zero each time. No? The numbers are not sequential so there is no way for the set to be cumulative, given that we know none of the levels require negative points.

  4. When you get to level 10 vip, how do i unlock the prestige. It tells me i cant add more vip points untill i hqve untill i unlock the prestige
    Kind regards BEZEMEL allience owner.

  5. I used a add 5 million VIP points thing but before it added em all it hit lvl 10 and said I need 10;000 for prestige if I do that will it add the rest of the 5 million or did I just lose it

  6. Do remainder points from a VIP token carry over to the next Prestige level? Let’s say I need 200k VIP to reach the next Prestige level and I have a 250k VIP token. If I use that to max my current prestige level, will the remainder 50k points carry over to the next level or do I lose it?

    • VIP points will not be carried over to next level. Excess points will be wasted, so you need to calculate your required points to reach max of level 10. Then upgrade to next VIP status with whatever you are left.

      The commander XP will roll over to next level. At higher commander level you will need service commendations. E.g for 60to61 you will need 20000 commendations.

  7. Anyone know how to open up VIP Prestige level 21 ? Where it should say 21 it currently has a –
    Do I need to level up my base to open it up ?

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