Update Note:
8/26: Notes regarding alliance gift tiles added to Gathering Guide. Monument and Mission Insignia information added. Shooting Range guide updated with Ultimate mode information.

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8/7/16: Date for Swift Invasion, Double Trouble and Sparrow for the Gear table. Multiple Mod’s data included into the database. Major edits for VIP guide.

Data for Black Adder, Combat Investigator, and Barracks Buster Gear Added. Minor information regarding Commander level 51~55 Skill points and additional skill added. Several mod has been added as placeholder, need data to fill in the blanks.

Data for Stealth Bomber gears have been updated.

Information for Vault level 4 has been updated. Table revised for the additional Vault related interest rates and gold earned.

Multiple gear sets have been added into the database: Additional Black Market Gears, Pyramidion, Kill Squad, Barricade, Fear Monger, Heavy Hauler, Rebel Tracker, and Battle Tested special event gears. Updated most of the new Mod releases.

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Information regarding Advanced Troops added to Troop Unlock Guide.

We have received comments that our existing gear tables are hard to use for the “powering guides”, we have thus created new presorted tables featuring legendary stats for different troop types, research, and construction. Thank you for your feedback!

Information regarding Vault level 2 updated.

Gear Sets Updated. Included May Day Set information.

Gear Sets Updated. Included Headhunter Set information. Matriarch Mod (Mother’s Day 2016) Included

Trap Guide has been updated to reflect Advanced Trap addition.

Core Gear List Added, Black Market Gears, Tax Collector Gears Added. Basic Information on Black Market written.

Gear Sets Updated 4/8/16. Added Research Economy Gear, Drill Gear, and Rocketeer Sets.